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A recent audit of our client base showed that 100% of those questioned would recommend Recovery Haven Kerry to a friend or family member – a humbling testament to the care and support people receive, and value, from our charity.

The following client testimonials are probably the best indication of just what our services mean to those we support.

Seeing my life in colour again

When you have cancer, you often see the world in darkness, but Recovery Haven allowed me to see my life in colour again.

It is an extremely special place

Recovery Haven gave me the strength I needed the whole way along my cancer journey. I felt safe. It is an extremely special place.


I was totally in awe

I was totally in awe that I could finally identify, and more importantly, own the fears and concerns that had been weighing me down. I have developed a resilience I would never have imagined possible.

I felt that a new doorway opened for me

It’s great to feel normal again. I just felt that a new doorway opened for me. Recovery Haven helps you help yourself and empowers you. It shows you just how much YOU can do to make yourself feel better.

Recovery Haven was and still is my lifeline

A wonderful place for people on a difficult and often lonely journey. Recovery Haven was and still is my lifeline when it comes to getting out, feeling supported and meeting people. Magnificent place with fantastic facilities, a place which is indispensable with so much love and care put into it. Recovery Haven was quite simply a lifeline when I was sinking.

The treatment is all-absorbing

For me, I felt like I had fallen into a bubble for a while. The treatment is all-absorbing. To have help to navigate your way from that place – to find yourself again – was possible for me through counselling.

Have a look at what some of our clients had to say about Recovery Haven

We are always so grateful to hear such positive feedback from the people we support…and get wonderful satisfaction from knowing we can help. If you feel that you need that extra bit of support on your cancer journey, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us in confidence on 066 7192122

Every donation makes a difference

At Recovery Haven Kerry, Cancer Support House, we rely almost entirely on voluntary donations and fundraising to continue offering our support services free of charge to cancer patients and their loved ones.

Your donation will help them through their cancer journey, by providing information, counselling and wellbeing services or support managing thoughts and emotions. We can only continue to provide our services free of charge to those who need it with your help.

A monthly recurring donation provides us with a consistent and reliable source of funding that allows us to plan ahead while ensuring our support and services for cancer patients and their loved ones can remain free of charge.

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