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When you or someone close to you receives a cancer diagnosis it is normal to experience fear, stress, anxiety, worry and anger. We are all different and everyone can have different reactions to life’s challenges. It can be hard to talk to those closest to you about your feelings and worries. At Recovery Haven Kerry our team of professional counsellors provides confidential, understanding, and empathetic support for you through our short-term model of counselling.

You are entitled to 8 free sessions during which our counsellors encourage you to express and reflect on the challenges and transitions cancer has brought into your life. This can empower a person with clarity and confidence to cope with and manage these challenges.​ Appointments are available by arrangement.

Recovery Haven Kerry have amazing support from the Irish Cancer Society towards the cost of Counselling Services.

Children’s Counselling

Play therapy is a form of counselling for children that allows them to communicate through play. When cancer enters a child’s life it may bring big challenges. Often kids do not have the words to express all they are feeling. A qualified play therapist will work with your child to act out feelings and bring them to the surface – in the open and face them in a safe space. They can learn to control or let go of these feelings through the process of the therapy.

For adolescents one to one sessions may be more appropriate, please make contact with our support nurse to discuss your child’s needs.

Appointments are available by arrangement.

CLIMB Programme:

A group programme to support children aged between 5-12 years who are experiencing the impact of a cancer diagnosis on a parent or other significant adult. Throughout the CLIMB programme – which stands for Children’s Lives Include Moments of Bravery – the young participants will develop an understanding of cancer and from this understanding the myths and fears that children can hold about cancer will be dispelled.

The programme is creative, using drama, arts and play and are also based on having fun together and meeting new friends.

The aim of the programme is to help children understand a cancer diagnosis by providing information on cancer; to learn how to express  and cope with their feelings and emotions; to feel part of a social group by making friendships with other children sharing a similar experience and to cope with the dramatic changes they are witnessing and experiencing in the home.

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Every donation makes a difference

At Recovery Haven Kerry, Cancer Support House, we rely almost entirely on voluntary donations and fundraising to continue offering our support services free of charge to cancer patients and their loved ones.

Your donation will help them through their cancer journey, by providing information, counselling and wellbeing services or support managing thoughts and emotions. We can only continue to provide our services free of charge to those who need it with your help.

A monthly recurring donation provides us with a consistent and reliable source of funding that allows us to plan ahead while ensuring our support and services for cancer patients and their loved ones can remain free of charge.

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